a no-pull Personalised Dog harness

for your furry bestie

Why should you be stylish and comfortable and not your dog? We have the solution for you!

This customisable dog harness will ensure your best friend will no longer be pulled on your walks, reducing any negative impact to them.

The dog vest harness has an adjustable chest strap which incorporates a snap on buckle, so your four legged friend can move their body parts freely!

harness buddy features

The personalised velcro patch makes this a very special harness for your dog, with a breathable material that makes it comfortable to wear.

The buckle is adjustable and allows you to loosen it as your dog grows, reducing the need to purchase a bigger harness.

The reflective strap ensures your dog is highly visible and will help keep them in your line of sight on your nightly walks. The leash can be connected on the D-Ring at the top fo the harness.

This harness is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training or any other outdoor adventures you and your four-legged friend go on!